A more unusual activity, BathEscape gets participants to use elements of a locked room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a certain amount of time. The players are locked inside a room and must explore their surroundings in order to escape. Players must look out and use their critical thinking skills to get out of the room.

The rules are simple: players are locked inside the game area for 60-75 minutes. All they need is to get out in time! They will have to find the right clues, think outside the box, solve riddles, figure out lock combinations and work well as a team! It requires no special skills or knowledge to solve. It is about logic, fun and team spirit. The game is designed so that any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas and logic can escape. Live escape game is designed for groups from two to six.

BathEscape, 12A Princes Street, Bath, BA1 1HL


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